Hi, and thank you for stopping by! My name is Hannah Cai, and I am a Nutritional Sciences student at Cornell University, pursuing the dietetics track.

Prior to Cornell, I spent one year studying at Emory University. My love for animals led to my original intentions to study biology there and later attend veterinary school, but through experiences that included writing freelance health articles, blogging, and shadowing a veterinarian, my path was diverted to nutrition. I believe that becoming a registered dietitian will grant me the credentials and flexibility to further my interests in health (communication, education, pediatric nutrition) and the environment, enabling me to make a more meaningful impact without sacrificing my desire to promote animal welfare.

If you are interested in my decision to transfer and study nutrition at Cornell, you can read more about it here.

My interest in nutrition first stemmed from my love for the culinary arts. I began lifestyle blogging at the age of 15, but my writing was quickly dominated by my recipes. Recipes are most engaging when paired with photos, and I developed a habit of photographing all of my experiences, including travels within and outside of the US. Other areas of content creation that I am passionate about include videography and writing, and I am continually seeking opportunities to improve my skills, by collaborating with others or simply by watching YouTube videos about editing software!

In my free time, I love to run, read, and fiddle with my guitar.

Connect with me further on my personal blog, here.